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Our Mission:

If you or your company want to establish bilateral business relationships between Canada and the Spanish-speaking world, you are in the right place. Our objective is to help you in bridging the cultural and language gaps, to assist you in establishing good, solid and reputable contacts, and to facilitate all your business processes.

Our team, with top academic credentials and proven experience, possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the languages, the cultures, the business philosophies and the human elements; we are the team you were looking for.

Our services:


Mining ConnectionThe Vancouver Mining Connection

Located in the world's mining capital, InterAmerica has an extensive network of contacts within the Vancouver mining exploration community. We can help you in finding the right partner for investing in your mining or exploration property, or we can assist you in the process of raising venture capital.

InterAmerica has successfully brought mining people and projects to Vancouver, and frequently participates at mining events. As an example, we invite you to see the contents of a presentation given by InterAmerica at several international forums.

Contacting us:

We would like to hear your questions, comments and suggestions, and to find out ways to serve your needs. Please click here to write on our guest book or to send us electronic mail: Mail Box

Our memberships:

InterAmerica is a proud member of: Vancouver Board of Trade Logo The Vancouver Board of Trade
Canadian Council for the Americas The Canadian Council for the Americas
Mexican Business Association of Canada The Mexican Business Association of Canada